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MESH PORCELAIN SLAB AND TILE is the premier supplier in Toronto and the GTA for large format sintered stone and porcelain slabs (up to 126” x 63”) from the industry's top manufacturers. Our exclusive selection of high-value surfacing materials is ideal for designers, builders, and contractors seeking both beauty and exceptional performance. Discover the endless possibilities for your next project with our innovative and versatile porcelain slabs and sintered stone.

Mesh Porcelain Slab and Tile


Porcelain slab and sintered stone are two different materials, although they are often confused. Sintered stone is created through a unique sintering process, which involves heating and pressurizing a blend of natural materials. This process results in a non-porous, heat-proof, scratch-free, UV-resistant material that is 30% harder than other surfaces. At Mesh Porcelain Slab and Tile, we offer sintered stone surfaces under the term ``porcelain slab`` for ease of understanding and to relate to traditional building materials, while maintaining the exceptional quality and benefits of sintered stone. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other suppliers, and we stand behind every piece we sell with a lifetime guarantee. Choose Mesh Porcelain Slab and Tile for unparalleled durability, beauty, and performance in your architectural surfaces.

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Sintered stone is specified by designers, custom home builders and contractors looking for a minimalist, high end look, and a maintenance-free alternative to stone and other surfacing products. The beauty, durability, and strength of sintered stone at makes ideal for flooring and wall coverings, countertops, backsplash, cabinet cladding, shower stalls, fireplace surrounds, outdoor kitchens, even custom furniture.

Mesh Porcelain Slab and Tile


MESH Building is the exclusive supplier for several brands of quality sintered stone manufactured in Italy, Indonesia, and China. We select our manufacturers based on the quality of their materials, the technology they use, and their commitment to high environmental standards. We are experts in sintered stone slabs and selected sintered stone pieces—they’re the only products we sell. It’s why our knowledgeable consultant are here to answer questions every step of the way

Interior Designers & Design Consultants

Sintered stone surfacing elevates interior design to a new level of modern, whether you are covering the walls of a bathroom or designing a fireplace surround for an outside living space. MESH has built long term relationships with numerous design firms and commercial designers who have grown with us, trust the quality of our product, and appreciate our personalized service, flexible terms, predictable delivery times.

Custom Home Builders & Design/Build Contractors

Balancing the cost of design with the cost of building materials can be a challenge, especially when you want to keep your client’s interests top of mind. Sintered stone provides an ideal alternative to other high value surfacing materials such as marble, and is both affordable and maintenance-free, without sacrificing over design and “look”.

Tile Contractors & Fabricators

Tile contractors and fabricators need a trusted supplier who guarantees the quality of their products and works with them as a partner, not a competitor. We have built our reputation on competitive prices, personalized service that works with you to meet your delivery needs, and a lifetime guarantee on materials.

Our goal is to be the leader of porcelain slabs and tiles. In addition, it will be facilitated by leveraging our size and production techniques to aptly supply any project requirements quickly and efficiently.